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保持传统游戏与独特体育运动的活力,促进发展与和平Keeping Traditional Games and Unique Sports Alive for Development and Peace
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The Multicolored Turtle/ Mongolia

6 April is the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. In recognition of the transformative power of sports and games in our societies, UNESCO Beijing Cluster Office has been leading a global project contributing towards the safeguarding of traditional games and unique sports, with the financial and technical support by the Chinese IT leader Tencent.


The project, titled “Creation of an Open Digital Library on Traditional Games - Innovative use of ICTs to Safeguard and Promote Indigenous and Local Knowledge for Learning, Development, and the Rapprochement of Cultures,” addresses the issue that much of the rich cultural knowledge of traditional games has already disappeared, or is in danger of doing so.  It will lead the way in documenting traditional games and hosting them in an open and interactive online repository.


The initiative has already been successfully tested in the six pilot countries of Bangladesh, Mongolia, Brazil, Greece, Kenya and Morocco. It is set to expand further, with the ambitious end goal of creating a truly global library freely available to students, educators, researchers, scholars, app and videogame developers and the general public to teach, to learn, to share, to recreate, and to enjoy by practicing.


UNESCO will also invite communities and public from all over the world, and especially youth, to contribute and create content, and help raise awareness about the values that games and sports carry, and their power in promoting peace and sustainable development.



Message from the Director-General of UNESCO Audrey Azoulay, on the occasion of International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, 6 April 2018


体育促进发展与和平国际日致辞, 2018年4月6日 

Sport is about both self-effort and collective effort, individual activity and social practice; it relies upon the concepts of respect, understanding, integration and dialogue, and it contributes to the development and fulfilment of individuals regardless of age, gender, origins, beliefs and opinions. That is why sport is a unique forum for action and reflection to transform our societies.


UNESCO plays a leading role in achieving this ambition: for example, the Kazan Action Plan, adopted in the Russian Federation last year by the International Conference of Ministers and Senior Officials Responsible for Physical Education and Sport (MINEPS), promotes greater international cooperation in terms of sport policies, and should provide a direct link between sport policies and the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.


It is in this spirit that UNESCO, for the fifth consecutive year, celebrates the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace on 6 April. Throughout the day, with our numerous partners, we will take part in a vast online mobilization in which everyone is invited to participate, especially via #IDSDP2018 and #Sport2030, and by sharing events and activities on platforms such as sportanddev.org. Together with the organization Peace and Sport, we encourage you to join the #whitecard campaign, to think up initiatives and to share them online at www.april6.org.

    教科文组织正是本着这种精神,连续第五年在4月6日庆祝体育促进发展与和平国际日。国际日期间,我们将与众多合作伙伴一道,参与大规模的在线动员活动,欢迎大家通过主题标签“#体育促进发展与和平国际日2018”(#IDSDP2018)和“#体育2030”(#Sport2030)踊跃参与,并在“体育与发展”(Sport and Dev)网站这样的平台上分享各种活动。我们还与和平与体育组织(Peace and Sport)一起鼓励大家参与“#白牌”(#whitecard)活动,发挥创意,并在www.april6.org网站上分享。


The values of sport are the values of universality and harmony. On this International Day of Sport for Development and Peace, let us combine our energy and enthusiasm to contribute to building, through sport, a world of respect, sharing and peace.


Audrey Azoulay